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  1. Semicircle (eg, window)
  2. A first world problem 3 Beautiful decay
  3. Street art
  4. Bug(s)
  5. Clouds
  6. Off the beaten track
  7. A mobile food vendor (eg. icecream truck, coffee van)
  8. A memory from your childhood (a place, item etc)
  9. Back to the future
  10. THAT tells a story
  11. A sense of home
  12. Hamburger month
  13. Salad month
  14. All smiles
  15. Sugar, spice and everything nice
  16. Beautiful disaster
  17. Motivation
  18. A garden
  19. Architecture and machinery (eg. a crane and a building or a car in front of a building Challenge: Publishing – Make your own photo (with text added) to look like: A book cover An advertisement A Music event poster A magazine page or cover [gallery orderby=”title”]