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  1. Something man made but incorporating something from nature - eg a ceramic pot with a plant
  2. Three of a kind
  3. An egg or a bunny/rabbit
  4. Peanut Lovers Day
  5. Poultry Day
  6. A window display
  7. Dry/dried
  8. Tracks
  9. Something with a number on it indicating an anniversary or birthday
  10. Music
  11. A landmark (could use an historic plaque or sign)
  12. Habitat 13, Pointing the way
  13. An anchor
  14. In the moonlight 16.”it looks like a painting” ­ make your photo look like a painting using whatever technique you like
  15. A colourful house
  16. Something in motion
  17. Reading
  18. An interesting, unique or old business sign Challenge: Stick figures in peril: four warning signs that use stick figures to illustrate the hazard [gallery orderby=”title”]