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  1. Sunrise/sunset
  2. Church steeple
  3. Alternative energy source – solar panels, wind turbines, etc.
  4. Macro shot of a part of something growing in your yard/garden – dried leaves and weeds count
  5. A boulder
  6. Disarray
  7. A queue
  8. A new start
  9. Up in the air
  10. Bubbly
  11. On the top/over the top
  12. Isolated
  13. Olive/olives
  14. Lighting (lamps, candles, light fixtures …. )
  15. Sightseeing (A pretty or interesting sight in your town or a town close by. Some additional information would be great in the description).
  16. Tea – Anything you like
  17. Collage of photos of one building with differing angles or close up of details.
  18. Pasta
  19. Picked over
  20. So soft Challenge: Choose a shape of your choice and post four things in nature using that shape [gallery orderby=”title”]