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  1. Handcrafted
  2. A miniature of a real thing
  3. Starbursts
  4. Footprints/handprints/pawprints
  5. Left behind
  6. Between the lines
  7. Bold
  8. A bench or outdoor seating
  9. Dry/dried
  10. Spices/spicy
  11. Victorian architecture
  12. Hanging from a tree
  13. A great place to have a picnic
  14. Bumper stickers or car decorations
  15. Fill the frame with colour/colours of the same item (eg marbles, candy)
  16. A symbol and what it means to you
  17. A photo of something unnecessary
  18. Shabby chic
  19. Boxes
  20. Succulents Challenge: How To - take a sequence of four photos that demonstrate the steps to make or do something like cook a recipe, knitting, making beer or whatever you like [gallery orderby=”title”]