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  1. Wheel/s
  2. In the sand
  3. Ribbons and bows
  4. Middle of the road
  5. A Dome
  6. A Fence
  7. ‘Have you seen this side?’ A common object , unusual angle.
  8. “This is me’ – maybe a selfie, maybe not …..but me
  9. Upside down
  10. Odd one out
  11. Does this make me crazy?
  12. A beach (sea or lake) or riverbank
  13. St Patrick’s Day (March 17) – anything that can be associated with St Patrick’s Day
  14. Made of stone
  15. Low angle
  16. Repetition
  17. Fill the frame – one colour or multi‐colour
  18. Celtic cross
  19. Images of Easter – a bunny; real or stuffed, Easter eggs, Easter treats, etc
  20. These feet were made for… Challenge: 4 things made out of paper [gallery orderby=”title”]