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  1. A flower with a bokeh background
  2. Something you might see if you were Harry Potter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  3. Ansel Adams inspired photo (see Google images for inspiration)
  4. A drive by shooting (anything taken as a passenger in a moving car or stopped at a light)
  5. A lighted melting candle
  6. Your national or state symbol
  7. Brickwork
  8. A bar/tavern/pub/restaurant/cafe with a clever or odd name
  9. Litter lying in the street/in nature
  10. The red dot (any red dot)
  11. Award/s or medal/s
  12. Unusual roof line
  13. The road ahead
  14. A dramatic sky with an interesting foreground
  15. A still life using art or stationery items
  16. Whats on your bedside table?
  17. Colours of the rainbow (eg. prism, oil - not a rainbow in the sky)
  18. A cloud in the shape of an animal or object
  19. Body of water with reflections
  20. The moon
  21. A game in play
  22. Something’s fishy
  23. Looking up to the top of a building
  24. The long and winding pathway [gallery orderby=”title”]