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  1. A basket full
  2. Zig zag
  3. A diptych of two photos of an identical scene taken in different light conditions
  4. Pearl(s)
  5. Tree roots
  6. An action shot showing movement
  7. Stairs/stairway
  8. Yellow and blue
  9. Peel or peeling
  10. Herbs
  11. An invention/item you think is ingenious
  12. Natural framing
  13. Rope or twine
  14. Traditional
  15. Cork/s
  16. A bridge inspired by a Monet painting (see Google images – Monet Bridges)
  17. A beautiful stone or crystal
  18. An angel
  19. A glass object (anything made from glass)
  20. Sunset
  21. A drink with an umbrella in it
  22. The Old Curiosity Shop
  23. Bleak House
  24. The photography section in your local library - or the spine of a library book about photography
  25. Photograph inanimate figures (eg. manikins, danbos, dolls, lego people) in a humanising way (see www.flickr.com/groups/secretlifeoftoys/pool/with/7560804654/) Challenge “Read Me”: Post four shots inspired by different reading material. You could photograph four different books, or different types of books, or 4 different types of reading material (eg. magazines, newspaper, letters or whatever else you can think of) - it’s up to you. [gallery orderby=”title”]