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  1. A happy barn (not one that’s abandoned or dilapidated)
  2. Pointy
  3. Nuts
  4. Your favourite shoes
  5. A crazy seed head
  6. Sunrays
  7. Change of seasons
  8. Your favourite restaurant
  9. A juxtaposition
  10. Playing with fire (safely)
  11. Shadow(s)
  12. Dr Seuss inspired
  13. It matters to me
  14. Door-to-door
  15. Second hand
  16. Stone wall
  17. A long time ago …..
  18. Architectural details (close-up)
  19. Mending it (a repair)
  20. Together (a pair or group)
  21. A doorknob
  22. The number 8 (either as a numeral or a grouping)
  23. A window or door that has been bricked in
  24. Filtered light
  25. Something that has been re-purposed (eg a tyre made into a swing, a wheelbarrow with flowers Challenge: Four postcard shots from your area – somewhere you would take people when they come to visit. [gallery orderby=”title”]