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  1. Nature as seen through a glass bottle
  2. From bud to flower (can be a diptych or triptych)
  3. How cute is that?
  4. Something made of paper
  5. In a bag
  6. A triptych of one image edited 3 different ways
  7. Shall we dance?
  8. Why do I still have this?
  9. Commercialism
  10. On the edge
  11. Like two peas in a pod
  12. Balance
  13. An emergency kit. A shot of the items you would take with you in the event of a national emergency
  14. Anything pumpkin
  15. A diptych of two different eyes
  16. Scary / spooky
  17. A classic…. (eg car, movie, anything… you decide)
  18. Waves/wavy
  19. Communicating
  20. Archway
  21. Something unique to your area that might surprise us
  22. Something wildly colourful
  23. Costume/decoration Halloween related
  24. Halloween Candy Challenge: Your Senses Choose 4 from the following list: October looks like October feels like October sounds like October smells like October tastes like [gallery orderby=”title”]